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Why Courageous Invitations?

How to be your best and succeed through self-disruption

Maya Angelou – one of the most renowned poets and influential voices of our time – once said, “Without courage we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency.

Courage can be regarded as the innate character strength that ignites and fuels other personal traits, that determines who you are and who you are becoming. Courage nudges you to drive yourself to the next level in all dimensions of your life. Courage encourages you to step up to become the leader who you are always meant to be. 


Make smart trade-offs

Courage also permits you to make smart trade-offs or let go the elements that no longer serve you. In this digital era, all businesses are facing relentless competitions and disruptions. Leaders must develop the courage to adapt strategies and culture so that the employees can collectively…

Being courageous is not merely about coming up with some ideas and talking about them. Being courageous requires you to take actions, and for such actions to be carried out you need to invite yourself to step into your best-self and fill the void.

It is how you invite your best-self to show up that alters your growth path and shape who you are becoming. You owe yourself the opportunity to unleash your inner giant and break through the perceived glass-ceiling of your potential.

Your personal and career growth is no longer like a ladder. Those days are long gone. Oftentimes, there is no clear career path in front of you. Even if a growth path seemed to be clear to you now, there is no guarantee that the path will be the same or even remain there in the near future.

Stop thinking your growth is a path

Your personal and career growth is more like navigating a Polynesian outrigger canoe across the vast ocean – from destination to destination. This allows you to embrace the latitude of possibilities and take charge of your advancement. If you can get rid of those mindsets that focus on scarcity and embrace the attitude of seeking abundance, you will be able to disrupt yourself and create reciprocal value for others and you. You will be able to re-envision and re-evaluate your purpose – or gain reputation even when you are unsure about your purpose.

To progress effectively, you must issue a handful of audacious courageous invitations to conquer the waves, rise up against challenges, explore new opportunities and design your growth tactics. These invitations are the stars will guide you to reach your next level.

At the same time, you must issue a number of circumstantial courageous invitations. These invitations can be compared to the wayfinding techniques that permits you to confront issues with agility, solve challenges dynamically, and define the most effective ways to reach a series of destinations of your desire.

Courage brings freedom and progress.

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