Dirk J F Van Der Walt

Dirk J F Van Der Walt

Director & Co-Founder, WeBuyCars

The courage to fearlessly pursue your purpose

The opposite to faith is not disbelief, but fear. What Dr Jefferson Chen and Anne Duggan accentuate resonates strongly with me: the courage to fearlessly pursue your purpose and to appreciate what is uniquely you, the product of your own unique ampersand thinking; the unique combination of what you have been and what you are becoming in seeking and fulfilling your purpose may very well be a safer option and more likely winning bet than most other old ground ruts of old paths to power and perceived routes to so-called success.

Nay-sayers are the very same people who effortlessly pivot and meet your success after the fact with a resounding “I told you so!”. It is a courageous and fearless initiative that follows its own heart and healthy mind to prematurely identify new courses and new solutions to challenges, while the predominant opinion still has an outdated formula for its perception. But, exploration, innovation, and pioneering behaviours may be what many dream of achieving, and yet is not everybody’s cup of tea. The greater tribe is stacked like a chessboard with different kinds of which not all can be movers and shakers. And the best consistent outcome clearly comes from developing all the supporting pieces in unison, while preparing for a final strike.

Leadership and Leading is not the same thing, and all of us cannot be the head, we need teamwork and support, we need the combination of rational thinking as well as the freedom of dreaming and conjuring up visions of greater realities. The co-authors masterfully bring these elements together to challenge your mind into understanding how the process of innovation and leadership comes together to beat out new paths and better routes to new horizons, in ways that do not always correlate to existing institutional thinking, expectations and formal- ised thinking.