Anoka Balram

Anoka Balram

Chief Marketing Officer & Applied Design & Marketing Transformation Leader, Deloitte Consulting, Africa

Live a life of purpose

Courageous Invitations invites the reader to reconsider their approach to what it means to live a life of purpose. Rather than feel directionless around one’s purpose, this book explores the concept of starting to explore how one can attain the reciprocal contributions.

Achieving these goals in incremental steps could be purposeful in itself. Seeing that our purpose could change as we continue to re-invent ourselves, the quest for self-mastery never stops as the learning journey is continuous.

Thank you to the authors for sharing valuable examples and useful exercises to explore one’s own self-disruption journey into the art of the possible. It is always possible if we apply our minds and intentional energy. It is an inspiring read that makes you rethink about where to begin.