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Why Courageous Leadership is Vital for CFOs

The role of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has evolved significantly over the past few decades. Today, CFOs are expected to be much more than just financial experts; they must also be strategic leaders who can navigate their organisations through the complexities and uncertainties of the global marketplace.

One essential trait that is often overlooked but is vital for CFOs is courageous leadership. This article will discuss the importance of courageous leadership for CFOs, how it manifests in the role, and its impact on an organization’s overall success.

Courageous Leadership

Being courageous is not a characteristic that comes naturally to the majority of people; rather, it requires a very deliberate and focused effort. The word “courage” is derived from the Latin word “cor,” which means “heart.” As individuals discover their courage or find their heart, they ignite a spark that has the potential to immerse those around them with power and purpose as they bring a company’s vision to light. Being courageous is a key attribute of a strong CFO for the following reasons.